Redmond Runs for VA Beach City Council

Oct 7 2010 - 12:01pm

Dave Redmond, an alum of the Political Leaders Program Class of 2003, is running for a position on the Virginia Beach City Council. Dave is a native of Virginia Beach and lives there with his wife, Kathleen, and their daughter, Jill. If elected, Dave will join Sorensen Alumni Rosemary Wilson and Glenn Davis who currently serve on the Virginia Beach City Council. For more information, please visit Dave's website. Good luck and best wishes!

Featured Alumni

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    Jesse Ferguson

    Political Leaders Program

    Class of 2004

    Jesse serves as the Communications Director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

    He was Brian Moran's Chief of Staff during Moran's tenure as Democratic Caucus Chairman in the Virginia House of Delegates and was also the communications director on Moran’s Democratic primary campaign for Governor. Jesse is a graduate of the College of William and Mary and a co-founder and former Executive Director of Virginia21.