Political Leaders 2006 Profile: Muneer Baig

Nov 1 2006 - 3:00pm

Muneer A. Baig
Age: 38
Born: Kashmir, Northern India.
Current Digs: Resident of Manassas, Prince William County
Occupation: Independent IT Consultant
Favorite part about the job: Being an independent consultant and trying to capture the business in a very competitive market, keeps me active.
First job ever: Security Guard
Favorite book: Life of the Prophet Muhammad by Yusuf Haykal
Favorite movie: Gladiator
Must-see TV: Stargate-SG1 and Stargate-Atlantis
Comfort food: Bread, Kabobs and Rice
What's in your car CD player right now: The Life Hereafter
Next journey: I have been on the road quiet a bit for the last few months. I have no plans, but there is a possibility of travel to Kashmir.
Last best gift you received: Suit from my wife.
Best advice you ever got: Treat others the way you want to be treated.
Whom do you admire and why: My parents as they taught me what I am able to practice today.
If you could have dinner with any one currently living, whom would it be and why: My family.
Describe a perfect day: Get up in the morning, do my prayers, and help my wife get the kids ready for school. After the kids, I get myself ready and start my day filled with the challenges of troubled IT systems.
One thing most people might be surprised to learn about you: I am a Republican.
Ambition, political or otherwise: Provide for my family and make sure they have everything they want to have. I would like to run for office someday and help make our communities a better place for everyone. As long as I live, I want to serve humanity and leave behind good memories for everyone I touch in my life.

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