2006 Blog Summit Audio: Washington Post Reporter Michael Shear
Jun 17 2006 - 2:51pm

Washington Post reporter and blogger Michael Shear
spoke today at the 2006 Sorensen Blog Summit. His comments, including
the complete Q&A that followed, are attached to this post as an MP3
file. Mike was introduced by Holly Mattocks of the University of
Virginia, a student in the College Leaders Program Class of 2006. This audio lasts approximately 40 minutes.

2006 Blog Summit Audio: Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling
Jun 17 2006 - 2:46pm

Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling spoke at the 2006 Blog Summit today, June 17. His comments are attached to this post as an MP3 file. The Lieutenant Governor spoke for just over 29 minutes. He was introduced by Jarrett Ray of James Madison University, a student in the College Leaders Program Class of 2006.

2006 Blog Summit Audio: Attorney General Bob McDonnell
Jun 17 2006 - 2:40pm

McDonnell, Virginia's Attorney General, spoke on Friday, June 16 at the
Sorensen Institute's 2006 Summit on Blogging and Democracy in the

The Attorney General's comments are attached to
this post as an MP3 file. He spoke for just over 21 minutes. He was
introduced by Elizabeth Hooper of Radford University, a student in the College Leaders Program Class of 2006.

2006 Blog Summit Wraps up in Charlottesville
Jun 17 2006 - 2:30pm

The Sorensen Institute's Second Annual Summit on Blogging and Democracy in the Commonwealth, a two-day event in Charlottesville, wrapped up this afternoon. By every account the conference was a great success and offered something for everyone. We will be bringing you plenty of photos from the event in the coming days. Look for audio from a few of the speakers to be posted this afternoon.

Thank you to Verizon for supporting the event, as well as to all the speakers and participants who shared their time and expertise with others. Virginia is all the better for your efforts. We enjoyed having you all visit Charlottesville, and look forward to seeing you again soon. Please stay in touch!

BREAKING NEWS: Alumna Celebrates New Baby
Jun 16 2006 - 11:38am


Congratulations to Cathleen Grzesiek (shown left), a graduate of the Political Leaders Program Class of 2005, who recently welcomed a new baby girl into the world!

Caroline Mary Grzesiek arrived last Friday, June 9, 2006 at 3:57 p.m. She weighed 7lbs 8oz and was 19 1/4 inches long. Both mommy and baby and doing great, just getting some well-needed rest.

Welcome Caroline!

Barefoot Radio Update
Jun 16 2006 - 10:26am

The Sorensen Institute's Coy Barefoot recently interviewed Bob McDonnell, the Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Virginia, on his afternoon radio program Charlottesville--Right Now.

Click here to listen to the complete audio of the interview with the Attorney General.

On the same day, Coy also interviewed Larry Roberts, Counselor to Governor Tim Kaine.

Click here to listen to the complete audio of the interview with Larry Roberts

2006 College Leaders Program: Day 19
Jun 15 2006 - 8:33am

College Leaders Program Class of 2006
Blog Update: Day 19--June 14
Reported by: Bradley DeRemer of the University of Mary Washington

Bradley DeRemer of the University of Mary Washington

    The CLP class caught a lucky break today, thanks to the thoughtfulness of our program leaders and Sorenson’s Executive Director, Sean O’Brien. Due to our early rising yesterday and our busy schedule on and around Capitol Hill, they were kind enough to allow us some time to sleep in today.
    After catching up on our sleep, we had an informative and enjoyable session with Coy Barefoot, who taught us about the importance of media relations. We discussed a variety of ways to get our message across to various news sources, and the finer points of developing and maintaining relationships with reporters, bloggers, and producers. In addition to this beneficial knowledge, Mr. Barefoot was also kind enough to give us all copies of his new book, Thomas Jefferson on Leadership.
     After our session with Mr. Barefoot, we continued our discussion of public policy issues within the Commonwealth as part of "The Thoughtful Citizen," which was facilitated by Dr. Tom Shields. Today’s class focused on the process of crafting public policy, and the various lenses through which policies can be analyzed and supported. After a thorough discussion, we headed back to our apartments and worked on our group projects. We’ve all put a lot of effort into them so far, and it will be satisfying for us to turn in our overviews and literature reviews tomorrow morning. All in all, it was another fulfilling day at Sorenson.

2006 College Leaders Program: Day 18
Jun 15 2006 - 8:15am

College Leaders Program Class of 2006
Blog Update: Day 18--June 13
Reported by: Andrew Almand of Christopher Newport University

Andrew Almand of Christopher Newport University

    Today the Sorensen CLP class went to Washington to learn about leading change.  Our day began bright and early around 5am, and we arrived in D.C. around 9am.  Being that most of us were first-time visitors, many were really amazed with the ornateness of the Capitol's interior.  For me, I know it was only my second time visiting the Capitol and I had forgotten how slippery the floor was!  I later learned that the Capitol's floors are incessantly waxed by staff to ensure a glossy polish at all times.
     Our first port of call was House Caucus Room 8.  We met with Congressman Moran from the Eighth District of Virginia.  His blunt and liberal-toned remarks certainly caught many by surprise.  We immediately transitioned into Congresswoman Thelma Drake from the Second District of Virginia.  She certainly adopted a less provocative tone and insisted that she wanted us to control the dialogue by quickly moving to Q and A.  We then met with a staff member of Senator Warner's who spoke to us on the benefits of Capitol Hill service.  He reflected on many of his experiences and took several questions from the CLP class.  We then spoke with Congressman Cantor from the Seventh District of Virginia.  Mr. Cantor was in the middle of a floor vote, and his time with us was rather brief.  He told us how honored he was to be the Deputy Majority Whip in the House of Representatives.
      Next, it was Capitol Tour time!  We left HC-8 and began a circuitous route to the main corridor of the Capitol Building where we were led by a staff around the more ornate parts of the building.  We learned a great deal about the many statues in the Capitol, the paintings in the Rotunda, and the natural acoustics of certain parts of the building.  Again, many of us were just amazed with wonderment at the beauty of the Capitol's interior.  We then went to what I called "the Reagan Room," because of its decorations, but I believe it was the Majority Whip, Roy Blunt's, Conference Room.  We met with CLP inaugural class member and now the Policy Advisor to the Majority Whip, Brian Diffell.  Brian was young and inspiring to many of us and spoke with great joy about his position.  For many of us, we got to see how the Sorensen Institute had prepared one of its own for a position of leadership and service.
    Okay so lunch, yeah we had to walk a few blocks to the Van Scoyek Law and Lobbying Firm Building.  Van Scoyek had graciously agreed to harbor and feed us for lunch while we met with one of their attorneys and Alfonso Lopez, Director of the Virginia Liaison Office.  It was a working lunch that consisted of sandwiches, chips, sodas, and cookies, but it was a very good and comfortable lunch as we sat around a massive conference room table in big, comfy, chairs.  Alfonso Lopez was truly dedicated to his position. He explained to us how he represents the interests of the Commonwealth in the Halls of Congress.  He further offered potential internships for the coming fall, and there was a bit of Sorensen CLP networking at the conclusion of his talk.  Many of us were surprised by his good memory as he remembered things most would forget.
    When we returned from Van Scoyek, we went back to HC-8 and continued meeting with speakers until Dinner.  We began the second half of the day with Congressman Tom Davis from Eleventh District of Virginia.  Tom Davis was slow starting but seemed to enjoy having the opportunity to interact with us, as we did with him. Senator Allen entered the room next.  George Allen, who is popular among many in our CLP class, was a very good speaker and seemed very energized by our presence.  He spoke candidly and his comments were very well received. He was able to speak with us for a good while, almost 25 minutes, so we asked a substantial number of questions. We were supposed to meet with Virginia Congressman Virgil Goode of the 5th District, but he was on the House floor addressing some legislation and was unable to join us.  After a bit of downtime, Congressman Randy Forbes of Virginia met with us and did a very good job.  He had gotten some grey hair since I had seen him last, but he appeared very sharp.  He spoke about U.S. relations with the Chinese government and how he served on a special committee to exclusively focus on that.  After some Q and A, he left and we were escorted to the House Gallery to watch  the ensuing debate.
    Again, a circuitous route was taken, but the House Gallery was pretty neat.  We saw many Congressmen and Congresswomen trying to get support for and against legislation. Everyone really enjoyed the Gallery, but we were getting hungry.  We again walked a few blocks, this time to Union Station. We ate at one of the restaurants within the great structure and had a really good time reflecting on the events of the day. For dinner I had a cup of clam chowder and a caesar salad...which really hit the spot.  After dinner, we boarded the great blue and orange bus and headed back to Charlottesville.

Alumna Williams Develops New Mediation Training to Benefit Virginia
Jun 13 2006 - 3:04pm


Congratulations are due Vickie Williams, a graduate of the Political Leaders Program Class of 2005. At a recent gathering of the Virginia Chapter of the Association for Conflict Resolution, Vickie, who works with the State Board of Elections, presented a new "train-the-trainer" course in the Samoan Circle technique. This is a tool used to facilitate mediation in a group facing a particularly polarizing issue.

Vickie co-developed this course, which has been approved by the Virginia Supreme Court as a Continuing Mediation Education Credit. Vickie serves on the Board of Directors for the Virginia Chapter of the ACR and is also a Certified Mediator for the Virginia Supreme Court.

Way to go Vick!

Political Leaders 2006 Profile: Joyce Waugh
Jun 13 2006 - 8:43am

Name: Joyce Waugh
Age:   53
Born: Chattanooga, TN but grew up in Orlando, FL
Current Digs: Roanoke, VA
Occupation:   VP for Public Policy and Strategic Issues at the Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce
Favorite part about the job: The challenge and the people, always the people
First job ever?  I worked on a flower farm with my mother filling the flower buckets with water at age 4 or 5 in Delray Beach, FL. I was paid about fifty cents a week, probably from my mother's earnings.
Favorite book? The Last Ship
Favorite movie?  Alien Mine
Must See TV?  M.A.S.H.
Comfort food? Dark chocolate
What's in your car CD player right now?  Gravity, by Tess Garrison
Next journey? Mission trip to NYC in August to "paint the town"
One thing people might be surprised to learn about you?  Jumped out of an airplane when I was 46.
Last gift you received?  Coming home from Richmond (SIPL) via Routes 60 and 24, the gift of a fabulous array of redbuds along nearly the entire stretch of Route 24 in Appomattox.
Best advice you ever got?  Be yourself and trust your instincts; they're usually your experiences coming to bear.
Whom do you admire and why? My parents who taught me the importance of hard work and a good education. Mom, who earned her GED while I was in community college and Dad, who could grow ANYTHING (one of our orange trees grew five different citrus fruits due to Dad's handy grafting skills), and excelled in his life though he only had a third-grade education.
If you could have dinner with any one currently living, whom would it be and why?  Tony Blair. In addition to appreciating his command of the English language, I appreciate his intellect.
Ambition, political or otherwise? A high level appointment that includes international  travel.
Describe a perfect day.  My family members are healthy and happily, employed or retired. My husband and I are on a trip to Greece or wherever having a great time. Actually, every day is perfect, whether or not I realize it at the time.

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